Policies Staff Aims About the School Curriculum

Years 3 & 4

We gathered ingredients for Hats and Bats’ apothecary, to be used in our natural
remedies and potion making. The ingredients were gathered, identified and
labelled. A catalogue and order list will be set up to ensure enough of each
ingredient is in stock.
The children have been looking at the use of natural remedies throughout periods
in history, and how communities and society at those times viewed the makers of
such remedies and potions.
The brochures needed to be sent out to all witches and wizards – but how?
Everyone thought of a way to send the brochures – by broomstick, carefully and
securely tied to various animals, by telekinesis, using a spell. There was much
discussion about the most effective and secure method of posting.
Our company ‘Hats and Bats – purveyors of magical goods’ published it’s most
recent catalogue for the autumn/winter 2019 season. We had a tight deadline as
we needed it to be sent to all witch and wizardry schools early on in the new
term. A conversation between teachers at a magical school was overheard as they
were talking about needing to order many things for their new class. Hats and
Bats was suggested as a reliable company – so we needed to get our catalogue
finished, and sent to them quickly. (Copies of the brochure are available for
you to read!)
All of years three and four were invited to bring in a magical potion to the
room with the wardrobe doors on the first day of term. There were so many
interesting ingredients used in the potions. We labelled our potions including
the ingredients, what the potion was for, the dosage, how to apply and any